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Name: Natasha Bomb

My short url:

Gender: Female | Age: 99 | Location: Heaven | Ethnicity: European | Sex preference: bisexual | Body type: athletic | Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native), Spanish (medium)


Hi, dears!

Welcome to my EroAwardShop where you can buy my services with Bitcoin! Down, select the services & products, and then up on the right, you can pay. Add your email address when you pay!

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Check my Items that I sell (underwear, nylon, sextoys, bra, shoes, etc).


Vote for me daily (maximum 1 vote/day) and tweet your vote (each tweet equals 5 votes): 

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(When you buy: 1. Don't put the transaction fee too small, I only deliver after 6 confirmations. 2. Please, rate me here!)

1. Buy Services
1. Buy Services

Invite me at 1 coffee (2€)! Pay for my nails (50€) or my new haircut(60€)? My Internet bill of this month(70€), is coming! Tribute to your Goddess? (1000€)

2. Buy me VOTES!
2. Buy me VOTES!

No time to vote for me daily? Buy me 30 votes or 100...000! For each 1€ that you spend here, I receive 10 votes, so, 3€ = 30 votes = 1 month of voting daily. You want your Favorite girl to win, don't you?

3. Membership
3. Membership

Be my Secret FanClub member at , where I upload daily hot pictures, videos and where you can private message me! 9€/month for 1 month; 8€/month for 3 months = 24; 7€/month for 6 months = 42; 6€/month for 12 months = 72.

4. Skype liveshows, text, phonecall
4. Skype liveshows, text, phonecall

Very good offer, 2€/minute, minim 30 minutes! Come, I'm ready to...explode! :)